4 Tips to Deal With Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Phoenix, AZ

Many people have dental anxiety. Fortunately, there are many ways that patients can work on and even overcome this fear. Continue reading to learn how. 

How to deal with dental anxiety

Outlined below are four tips that a dentist recommends for dealing with dental anxiety. This information may be useful to those feeling nervous about visiting the dental office.

1. Ask questions

One of the best ways to deal with dental anxiety is to ask questions. Much of the fear comes from the unknown, whether it be regarding an appointment or what will be involved in a procedure. Having a better understanding of what to expect and what exactly will occur can be helpful in easing nerves and fears. 

In some cases, it may be recommended to visit the dental office prior to the actual procedure or appointment because this gives the patient a chance to meet the dentist and the staff and get familiar with the surroundings. During this visit, any questions about the procedure can be addressed. 

Regarding procedures, patients are encouraged to ask for step-by-step guidance throughout it. The dentist and/or assistant can take breaks and provide the patient with an update as to what is happening. This should be helpful in reducing dental anxiety. 

2. Take items

When preparing to go to the dental office, it is recommended to bring an item of comfort and something that can be used as a distraction. Distractions may include headphones for music or podcasts. Most dental offices have television sets that play movies or shows.

For items of comfort, something like a sweatshirt or blanket may be helpful in dealing with dental anxiety. Dentists do not mind, so long as the item does not get in the way of their work. 

3. Bring a friend or family member

Most dental practices allow patients to bring someone along, as this can help ease dental anxiety. Whether it's a family member or friend who comes, it is helpful to have someone supportive there. 

4. Practice breathing techniques

A simple but effective way to deal with dental anxiety is to practice breathing techniques. Taking deep breaths during a dental procedure or appointment can be valuable in combating fears, nervousness, and anxiety. It is best to practice these techniques beforehand so when it is time for the appointment, they can be put to use.

Find out more

When struggling with dental anxiety, the best thing to do is to simply talk with the dentist. Dentists can provide personalized ways to overcome dental anxiety. Additionally, any questions or concerns that patients have can be addressed. To learn more or to get scheduled for a consultation appointment, reach out today. 

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