Denture Repair and Services From Your Dentist


Sundance Dental Care offers denture repairs from our Phoenix, AZ dental office. This includes denture relines, denture rebase, and denture soft liners. Both care and precision are necessary when fitting a new patient for dentures and for when repairing the damage done to an existing set of dentures. To get the help you need, call (623) 687-2993 and schedule an appointment with our 85043 dental office.

When you visit us, we will ask questions regarding your experience wearing dentures while also examining them. Our treatment recommendations are unique for each patient since our goal is to ensure your complete and total comfort.

At Sundance Dental Care, We Can Help With:

  • Fitting you for dentures. Our goal is to provide you with a set of dentures that fits incredibly well. A perfect-fitting set of dentures will be comfortable and make it easy to speak and eat while wearing them.
  • Denture relines. After tooth loss, you will begin to lose some of the density of your jawbone. As you do, the shape of your gums will change and your perfect-fitting dentures may become loose. By scheduling denture relines every one to two years, we can help your dentures continue fitting properly as time goes by. In fact, if you are wearing full dentures, we encourage you to have a hard reline completed every two years in our Phoenix office. This often prevents the need to replace your entire set of dentures.
  • Denture rebase. When the teeth portion of your dentures are in good condition but the base is worn, you could benefit from a denture rebase. This is the most affordable way to repair your dentures since it allows you to continue using them without needing to order a new set. You can benefit from this procedure if your denture base is weakened, broken, or damaged.
  • Denture soft liners. If your dentures are uncomfortable and placing stress on your gum tissue, you could benefit from the addition of denture soft liners to your set of permanent dentures. This is a soft and pliable material placed in between your denture base and your gum tissue. It becomes easier to chew and more comfortable to wear your dentures on a daily basis. Simply adding denture soft liners is the easiest way to improve your overall experience.

Our denture repair and services are vast, but if you have a unique problem, it is likely that we can help with that as well. You can schedule an appointment with our Phoenix, AZ office by calling (623) 687-2993. While here, we will examine you and your dentures and then let you know if there are alternative solutions that can help you as well. For example, you may want to consider dental implants instead of a set of partial dentures. A dental bridge is also an excellent choice. We can discuss all the options with you and help you make a determination as to which treatment options are right for you. If you select dentures, we can make sure they are the most comfortable and natural-looking dentures available.

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