Getting Sealants at Your Next Dental Checkup

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You might think of a dental checkup as nothing more than a good cleaning and examination. While those two things occur, a dentist does more. For example, you could have a sealant applied to your teeth. This acts as a protective barrier against plaque, bacteria, and even discoloration.

Sealants are an especially important part of a child’s dental checkup

A dentist can seal adult and children’s teeth during a dental checkup. However, for kids, this offers some distinct benefits. Often, a dentist recommends this to parents considering children have more issues with cavities and tooth decay than adults do. Typically, this is because of infrequent and improper brushing, and snacking on sweets.

What is a dental sealant?

A dentist applies a substance to the surface of the teeth during a regular dental checkup. Although they can do this to all the teeth, it is primarily for those in the back of the mouth used to chew. Since molars have indentations on the biting surface, food particles become trapped. So, bacteria can be a serious concern specifically for these teeth.

Different sealant options

At the time of a dental checkup, a dentist can go over the different sealant options. For the most part, two types exist, both resin-based with one filled and one unfilled. To improve resistance to wear, tear, and abrasions, most dentists recommend the filled type of sealant. However, for kids, the non-filled sealant seeps into crevices easier, making it a better choice. No matter which one the patient opts for, the dental professional will likely recommend a sealant that contains fluoride.

What are the main benefits of a tooth sealant?

The main reason dentists suggest a sealant is that it works as a protective barrier. For children, and even adults who brush and floss regularly, some areas are quite hard to reach. It is those places where bacteria grow the most. If not continually and properly cleaned, this leads to cavities and tooth decay. But with a sealant, bacteria cannot get into grooves and pits. Not only does that improve oral health, but it also reduces the number of trips to a clinic outside of having a regular dental checkup performed.

Should all kids get a sealant?

When examining a child’s teeth during a dental checkup, if the molars have erupted, the dentist would likely suggest a sealant. While timing varies from one child to the next, this usually occurs around age five or six. However, a second sealant on permanent molars is also recommended starting at around age 11. As for adults, they can have a sealant applied any time.

Extra protection for your teeth

Even if you brush and floss after every meal and have a dental checkup every six months, getting a sealant is a great idea. Overall, this would protect your teeth and gums better. To learn more, talk to your dentist. As a simple procedure, you can have it done at your next visit.

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