How Often Do I Change Clear Aligners?

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When you think about different teeth-straightening procedures, clear aligners should enter the equation. In years past, metal braces were the treatment that most patients preferred. They were also the most available method. Today, aligners are common for teens and adults who want straight teeth and a beautiful smile. It is helpful to understand how this treatment works.

The basics of clear aligners

Teeth straightening has been a significant part of people’s health and appearance for decades, if not longer. Clear aligners are coming onto the scene more commonly as people continue to choose this form of treatment. These plastic mouthpieces fit in the person’s mouth and move teeth into the desired position. This removable appliance is virtually invisible and offers benefits that metal braces cannot match.

Why people choose aligners for teeth straightening

Traditional braces have their place in orthodontic work. However, braces are not for everyone. Some patients prefer to wear an aligner because it does not stand out like braces. Because there are no brackets and wires in the mouth, the patient will not have to worry about metal rubbing against the cheeks, causing cuts and sores. Clear aligners are also removable, as patients usually take them out to eat. This makes it more feasible to rinse and clean them.

The process

Each teeth-straightening treatment is a little different from the next. With clear aligners, the dentist first examines the patient’s mouth and teeth. After taking X-rays, the dentist will make a 3-D model of the mouth to create the first aligner. This allows the dentist to create a treatment plan and determine how to move each tooth. The aligner does not move all the teeth simultaneously but instead moves a few at a time.

Making a change

Unlike traditional braces, which remain in the mouth throughout the treatment period, patients will get a new aligner every two to four weeks. This time frame will vary depending on the patient’s needs and the severity of their issues. Updating the clear aligners helps ensure that the patient stays on track and progresses through the treatment. Along with getting replacements, the dentist will see the patient every four to six weeks to make any necessary adjustments.

Caring for the aligners

As with any teeth-straightening procedure, clear aligners require careful maintenance. Paying attention to how the aligners function will increase their effectiveness. Patients can take the appliance out a few times a day. Many patients prefer to do this at mealtime. People should wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day. It is a good practice to rinse off the aligner after eating and to brush it daily.

Get the smile you have always wanted

Everyone wants to feel good and look good. This teeth-straightening treatment is a good way to accomplish those goals. Clear aligners are not clunky and will not stand out in your mouth. After a few months, you could be enjoying the look you have not seen in years. Call a dentist near you today and get started.

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