How to Know if You Are a Candidate for Teeth Whitening

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Patients have many options nowadays to enhance the look of their smiles. For example, dental bonding or porcelain veneers help conceal a range of cosmetic defects. Teeth whitening, on the other hand, is a simple but effective procedure if you want a brighter and cleaner smile.

Professional teeth whitening has long-term advantages with minimal downsides and poses no danger to the health of patients. However, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. This article covers the candidacy criteria for this popular treatment.

Who needs teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening brightens the smile by removing or reducing tooth discoloration. Whitening gel can reduce the appearance of stains on or inside the outer layer of enamel. This implies that patients should know the nature of discoloration before the treatment to set realistic expectations for their outcomes. Patients should know if their stains are mostly extrinsic or intrinsic:

Extrinsic stains, or surface stains, are discoloration that occurs on the teeth's surfaces. Extrinsic stains are the most prevalent discoloration, and a professional whitening treatment can make a significant difference. Food, drink, and tobacco use are the most common causes of these stains, showing overall darkening or yellowing of teeth, especially around the gum line.

Intrinsic stains, or deep stains, are discolorations that occur underneath the enamel in the inner dentin tissue. Intrinsic discoloration cannot usually be treated with tooth whitening because of its position; therefore, it must be covered with a repair such as porcelain veneers. A deep stain's size and color are determined by its source, typically a single event or cause. Medicine, accident, illness, and fluoride overexposure are all frequent causes of tooth discoloration.

Who makes an excellent candidate?

If surface stains mostly cause tooth discoloration, a whitening treatment would most certainly help. Patients need to visit the dentist for a consultation and examination to identify the present stains. They can also find out precisely what the process involves and what kind of outcomes to anticipate regarding their smile.

Patients can receive treatment with minimal risk since the whitening gel is applied to and absorbed by enamel and does not need any changes to dental tissue. Any side effects should disappear within a few days, and whitening should not have long-term negative effects on teeth as long as patients do not have repeated treatments.

Those with healthy teeth and enough enamel thickness are still the best prospects. If a patient's enamel is weak or eroded, they may feel more pain after treatment. Furthermore, whitening gel on damaged teeth may weaken the enamel, even more, exposing the sensitive and darker dentin underneath. Also, whitening does not enhance the appearance of dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, or veneers.

In summary

Although teeth whitening has minimal risks, patients should know when it is not a suitable choice. Factors like having sensitive teeth or a dental restoration can make a patient ineligible. Therefore, patients need to consult the dentist to see whether professional whitening is a safe treatment option for their smile.

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