The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dentures in Phoenix

DenturesIf you are an adult who has prematurely lost one or more of your teeth and are looking for information on dentures in Phoenix, the following information should help you realize how critical it is to replace missing teeth.

Dentures are commonly perceived to be exclusively for patients in their later years of life. However, as a dentist who has fitted people with dentures in Phoenix for many years, I can assure patients that this is far from the case. Many people of all ages prematurely lose one or more of their adult teeth. An individual can knock someone's teeth out in an accident or sports injury. People may also need a tooth extraction due to extreme decay or gum disease.

If an individual is missing even one tooth, it is more than likely that the individual notices the gap in his or her smile. An unsightly gap in the front teeth can create awkwardness or embarrassment in social situations, causing one to be extremely self-conscious when smiling and play havoc with your self-image. We can alleviate all of these problems with a well-fitting set of dentures, which can replace missing teeth and restore a smile.

Teeth are for more than just chewing


However, as difficult as these challenges might be, they may be only the thin edge of the wedge. From a medical standpoint, there are other issues of far greater concern than an unattractive smile. For example:

1)Difficulty Speaking and Eating:

Depending on how many teeth a patient may lose, simple everyday activities like eating and speaking can become exceedingly difficult. The individual may not only find it extremely difficult to enunciate certain words but may have a hard time chewing foods such as whole grain bread, nuts and apples. "Softer" foods are all too often highly processed and offer little nutritional value. Not being able to chew well can lead to a vitamin deficiency and a compromised immune system.

2) Bone Loss:

In order to maintain its density, all bones need stimulation. Since bones change in response to the force exerted on them, weight-bearing exercises help build new bone tissue, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis. When it comes to the bones in the jaw, the stimulation comes from the action of the teeth. When teeth are missing, the bone does not build more cells in order to stay dense. Instead, the bone begins to weaken and deteriorate, which can cause the very structure of the face to collapse.

3) Crooked Teeth:

People usually imagine that the teeth are solidly cemented into the jaw. While the teeth are firm enough to cope with everyday activities, when teeth are missing, the pressure of chewing can cause the ones on either side to lean in the direction of the gap. The teeth moving to fill a gap can lead to excessive wear on certain teeth and pain in the jaw. Additionally, since the bristles of one's toothbrush may not always reach certain areas of crooked teeth, there is a greater chance of the teeth decaying.

In summary, it is unwise to delay replacing missing teeth. If you live in and around the area, full or partial dentures not only are comfortable and natural looking but can prevent problems a little further down the road.

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