Non-surgical Root Canal Therapy

Posted on: March 25, 2016


If your teeth are in pain, you may need root canals. At Sundance Dental Care, we offer a non-surgical root canal that can remove the infection so your tooth can recover. Root canals are an excellent way to treat your tooth so it does not need to be extracted, something our Phoenix, AZ patients appreciate.

Root canals tend to have a bad reputation for causing pain or discomfort. In truth, this is a non-surgical procedure that can offer you great relief. If you live in the 85043 area, we encourage you to call (623) 687-2993 at the first sign of tooth pain so we can treat you and ensure that you feel better as quickly as possible. You should know that we use anesthesia to numb the area we are working on, so you will not feel anything other than slight pressure. In fact, most people report that they feel much better after the procedure than they did when coming to see us. That is because the infection will have been removed, and the infection is what causes the pain.

When you visit our Phoenix dental office for root canals, we will create a small hole in the tooth after numbing it. Through that hole, we are able to remove the infected portion of the tooth and clean the area. Once done, we seal it up with a rubber-like substance and will later crown the tooth. This can be done quickly, efficiently, and comfortably in order to preserve your natural teeth while minimizing your discomfort.

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