Preparing for the Teeth in a Day Procedure

Teeth In A Day Phoenix, AZ

Teeth in a day, also called same day implants, allow the placement of a temporary version of teeth soon after dental implant placement. The implants can be recommended by dentists for aesthetic reasons. In other cases, these implants can be functional. This means that a person will be able to eat with them and also brush the teeth comfortably. If you have lost teeth, opting for same day implants is a good choice.

Preparation for teeth in a day

Patients who are considering restoring their smile with implants have to understand some important concepts to make informed decisions regarding function, esthetics and comfort depending on their treatment objectives. Teeth in a day allow patients to get new teeth in one day. However, the process involves a lot of planning and several visits in preparation for the final procedure. If a patient is considering same day implants, here is what to expect.

How to prepare

A person who has missing or deteriorating teeth and long-term dental problems can benefit from dental implants. The planning process for implants may involve a variety of health care providers. It is important for a person to choose and schedule an appointment with a health care provider who is trained and experienced when it comes to dental implants and not just any health care dental practitioner. Before anything else, a qualified dentist will sit with a patient and have a consultation. This will involve reviewing a patient’s dental and medical history, answering questions and informing the patient about what will happen.

The dentist will do some diagnostic tests such as a CT scan, X-rays and photographs of the mouth. The results of these tests will give the dentist a better idea of what to expect. The dentist will analyze the images and then make a blueprint of the mouth and the procedure or treatment plan. The treatment plan will be tailored to a patient’s situation. A patient may receive anesthesia during the surgery. Each part of the surgery has to be planned with particular goals and steps in mind.

Certain medical conditions like leukemia, diabetes and other systemic illnesses can interfere with the healing process. However, implants can still be an option for most people. Smoking can also lead to healing problems. If a patient has a medical condition, the dentist will help the patient decide how it will factor into implant treatment.


If you are thinking of getting same day implants, it is important to know what happens. Depending on your situation, the process may involve either one or more surgical procedures. You are required to have a thorough evaluation to prepare for the procedure. Preparation may involve a dental exam, review of your dental and medical history and making a treatment plan.

Your doctor will talk to you about the process, what you can expect and answer any of your questions. This will help you make well-educated decisions based on your needs and preferences. You should always take the time to find the right dentist. The success of your implants will depend heavily on the skill and experience of your dentist.

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