How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Posted on: March 25, 2016


Dental implants are an excellent way to replace teeth. Some of our Phoenix patients ask us, “how safe are dental implants?” They are incredibly safe, and the health benefits of the procedure far outweigh any of the risks. That is because your jaw depends on stimulation from your tooth and root. When your tooth falls out, the stimulation is lost and your jawbone begins to suffer erosion. In fact, you can lose 25 percent of your bone structure within the first year after tooth loss. The good news is that we can prevent this from happening. If you live in the 85043 area, call (623) 687-2993 as soon as you lose a tooth so we can help.

During the procedure itself, we will provide you with anesthesia so you can fall asleep. Next, we will implant a small titanium post under your gums and secure it to your jawbone. Titanium makes the procedure incredibly safe because the body reacts to it as though it were natural matter. Bone is deposited around the implant to the point that your implant serves as a replacement root system for the new tooth to be attached to. This is the process of osseointegration, and it is what makes dental implants both safe and incredibly strong. Once your new dental implants are placed, you can eat what you like, engage in high-impact activities, and enjoy a full and complete smile.

If you are looking for an experienced dentist to place your dental implants, call (623) 687-2993 to schedule an appointment with Sundance Dental Care in Phoenix.


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