The Importance of the Exam During a Dental Checkup

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Many patients forego a dental checkup because of busy lifestyles and work schedules. Sometimes, some symptoms may come and go. This may tell patients to go to the dentist at a later time. The slightest dental discomfort should get immediate dental care. Here is a glimpse at the importance of the exams during a dental appointment.

More than just an assessment

During a dental exam, the dentist usually performs more than just looking at teeth. The dentist usually looks for loose, damaged, and cracked teeth. Spotting problems in the gums, soft oral tissues, tongue, and fillings. A dental checkup also enables the dentist to take dental X-rays or assess dental appliances. An experienced dentist also checks the temporomandibular joint, lymph glands, neck area, and palate. Being thorough is important in watching out for cancer.

Well-trained eyes

Dentists are highly trained professionals who can see dental issues that ordinary eyes cannot. What could be dismissed as a remnant of a brownie could already be a cavity. One may dismiss off-white stains, but to dentists, these are plaque. Once dentists spot plaque, they can scrape that off and perform a thorough cleaning.

The latest equipment

Good personal oral hygiene can prevent the buildup of plaque and dental calculus. Regular dental exams can remove these stubborn substances even more with the latest dental equipment. These tools can keep plaque and tartar from settling. With additional treatments, patients leave the dental practice with a fresher mouth.

Thorough cleaning

This is vital in any dental checkup. A thorough dental cleaning includes the gums. Regular cleaning is for patients without periodontitis. Once signs of gum disease are present, a deeper cleaning will take place. A dental cleaning includes flossing, removing plaque and tartar, polishing of teeth, and fluoride treatment to protect the teeth from tooth decay.

Detection of early signs of cavities

Small holes in teeth tell dentists that there are cavities already. Dental fillings after a bit of thorough dental cleaning can treat tiny cavities right away. Larger and deeper cavities need more treatment. This usually needs drills and more elaborate work. In some cases, dentists leave diffusive antibiotics inside the cavity first before placing the filling. The medication releases over time to kill current bacteria and bacteria that may enter.

Cessation of dental problems before their onset

An attractive smile is free from dental issues. Without dental problems, the rest of the body gets all the nutrients it needs. Dental checkups ensure that teeth and gums function well to consume the sources of these nutrients. The oral exams also give way to treatments for periodontal disease. Early treatments can save patients money because they do not need painstaking treatments to deal with the effects of periodontitis. These treatments also polish, clean, and strengthen teeth.

Dental checkups can help pave the way to optimal oral health

Personal oral care habits can help improve your daily oral health. Even so, you can only do so much. You should still have regular dental checkups to remove stubborn stains, plaque, and tartar. With thorough dental exams, you can prevent serious oral diseases. Maintaining good oral health ensures the health of the rest of your body.

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