What Are Dental Filling Material Options?

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A dental filling is a procedure that is performed by a general dentist in order to restore a damaged tooth. The severity of the damage or decay will determine what type of material is used for the filling. The dentist's recommendation and the patient's desire are also relevant.

Material options for dental fillings

Outlined here are explanations of the different materials that can be used for dental fillings. It may be helpful to review this information when preparing for this restorative procedure.

Gold or silver amalgam

Different kinds of metal are often used in dentistry, whether for fillings or crowns. For dental fillings, gold and silver amalgam happen to be the most popular types of metal used. Both materials are known for their reliability when it comes to restoring a tooth and ensuring that the risk of future damage is minimal. 

While gold and silver amalgam dental fillings are strong, they are not invisible. Most individuals would prefer to have their teeth appear white in color, which makes gold and silver amalgam fillilngs unfavorable. 

Composite resin

Another popular material used for dental filling placement is composite resin. This material is commonly used in dentistry for restorative procedures, such as crowns, bonding, and inlays. The advantage of having a composite filling is that it is white in color, which makes for a discreet dental restoration. 

Composite dental fillings are not as strong as other options, such as gold or silver amalgam. If composite is chosen, dentists recommend avoiding foods that are sticky or hard in substance because this could damage the filling and result in a need for replacement. 

Glass, ceramic, or porcelain

There are a few other dental filling material options available. Glass, ceramic, and porcelain can all be used for dental fillings, though less commonly. Additionally, these materials are not used on their own, but rather in conjunction with other materials, such as composite resin. 

Glass ionomers can be used to create dental fillings, and they do tend to last a long time. When mixed with composite, the result is a natural-looking restoration that should hold up for 10 years with good care. Ceramic and porcelain dental fillings can be color-matched to the tooth. This makes for a natural-looking appearance. Additionally, ceramic and porcelain are both durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. 

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