Why Clear Aligners May Be Recommended to Straighten Teeth

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Nowadays, there are many ways to get straighter teeth, with clear aligners and traditional braces being the major teeth straightening treatments available. Clear aligners use a system of transparent, removable trays, in contrast to the brackets and wire mechanism of braces. There are a few reasons that a dentist might recommend getting clear aligners for teeth straightening.

Overview of clear aligners

Clear aligners are an effective alternative to traditional braces and are made to shift the teeth to their correct positions. As with braces, clear aligners induce gradual force on the teeth to control movement but use plastic aligner trays. The aligners are created from strong plastic material and are designed to fit tightly over the patient's teeth. With the treatment progress, the previous aligners will be switched out for the next one in the series. Each aligner has a different size, so the teeth move a bit more with each tray.

Aligners must be worn for at least 20-22 hours daily for effective treatment. Every two weeks, patients will get new aligner trays to wear. The duration of treatment typically depends on the severity of teeth alignment, but one can expect the treatment to last between six months to two years.

Why dentists recommend aligners

The following are a few reasons that a dentist might recommend clear aligners for teeth straightening. To start, they are transparent and almost invisible. When patients have their aligners on, they can worry less about the appearance of their smile. Many people are concerned about the appearance of metal braces in their mouth, so aligners are quickly becoming the popular choice, especially among adults who want discreet treatment.

They are removable and, therefore, convenient. Since the aligner trays are removable when eating, brushing, or flossing the teeth, they are highly convenient for teeth straightening. Being removable means patients do not have to abandon their favorite meals while correcting their teeth's alignment.

They are comfortable to use. In contrast to metal braces that may hurt the mouth's soft tissues due to poking wires, clear aligners have no sharp edges and are more comfortable to use. Although it may take time to get used to having the material in the mouth, most people adjust quickly to the device.

There is less risk of tooth discoloration. Since it is harder to clean the teeth with traditional braces, there is a chance of discoloration when the device eventually comes off. Patients will require professional teeth whitening treatment if this happens.

Finally, fewer dental appointments are required when undergoing teeth straightening with clear aligners. This makes it the perfect choice for those who are too busy for routine adjustment appointments.

In conclusion

If you are considering getting clear aligners, you should schedule a consultation appointment with the dentist to discuss your teeth straightening goals. The dental professional will be happy to answer your questions and help you get a straighter smile.

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