Caring for your dentures properly is key to ensuring that they continue to fit and function properly. When you receive your dentures, our dentists will provide you with instructions on the best ways to care for your dentures.

Here are a few recommendations on the best ways to care for your appliance:

We also recommend that you schedule regular appointments with our dentists for denture maintenance so that we can ensure your appliance is functioning correctly and that your mouth is healthy. Please also be sure to tell our dentists about any medications you are taking, as some types of medication affect your oral health and may impact the fit and function of your denture.

If your dentures are loose or broken, schedule an appointment to have them checked as soon as possible. Loose dentures can cause friction and place pressure on your gum and bone tissue and may cause damage to your mouth if not adjusted.

If you have any questions about denture care or wish to schedule an appointment with our caring dentists, please contact our office today.