At Sundance Dental Care, our dentists, Dr. Rebecca Schaffer and Dr. Mai-Ly Duong, may recommend clear aligners as a great alternative to traditional braces. These are very popular among teens because they are nearly invisible and provide a natural appearance throughout treatment. Clear aligners are a great way to avoid the discomfort of braces while achieving similar results.

Braces are made of bulky metal, brackets and wires to move your teeth. Clear aligners fit more naturally in your mouth and are made of a clear plastic material that allows you to keep an aesthetically pleasing smile while straightening your teeth. Clear aligners are custom made to fit your mouth specifically, are easy to use, and are easily removable, allowing you or your teen to eat, brush and floss.

Unlike braces that are attached 24/7, you only need to wear clear aligners for 22 hours a day to achieve the look you want for your smile. Being easily removable is one of the best perks of clear aligners, but keep in mind that if they are removed for too long, it will take longer to achieve the results you are hoping for.

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